20 More IHG Priceless Surprises E-Mails Arrive- What Did I Win?

Priceless Surprises

Earlier today I wrote about getting back from Cuba and having no new IHG Priceless Surprise entry e-mails. However, 26500 IHG points did post to my account!

I found it quite funny that I received another 20 e-mails from IHG Rewards Club earlier today. So, what did I win?

First of all, if you’re unfamiliar with IHG Priceless Surprises, I’d recommend that you read a post from fellow BoardingArea blogger Deals We Like. In the post you’ll find out a way to spend $46 to earn 47,000+ IHG Points! (Be prepared to do A LOT of handwriting though…)

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Here’s where I’m at in terms of entering & winnings:

  • I’ve sent in 80 entries to date
  • I’ve been procrastinating on finishing off the last 14 entries
  • I’m debating whether or not Kim should enter too. (I really dread the idea of writing an additional 94 entries!)
  • To date and like I mentioned above, I’ve now had 26,500 points post to my IHG account.

At 3:30 PM I received another 20 entries. I was hoping to have some good luck and win one of the big prizes! (Who isn’t hoping for this?!)

Well, I played my 20 entries and I won the minimum 500 points per entry for a total of 10,000 IHG points. I can’t say that I’m really disappointed since that would still be enough for two PointBreaks nights.

So now I’ve received 61 prize entries and have won 36,500 points. That gives me an average of 598 points per entry.

After I finish writing my final 14 entries, I’ll be receiving 33 more prizes. If I win the minimum of 500 points that would give me 16,500 more points. That would give me a total winning of 53,000 IHG points. Not bad for $46 and some pain from all of that writing!

Are you playing IHG Priceless Surprises? If so, have you won any prizes over the minimum of 500 points?

11 thoughts on “20 More IHG Priceless Surprises E-Mails Arrive- What Did I Win?

  1. Anna- I don’t know if the order matters for sure. On my cards I wrote them in the order it was asked.

    Jim- I don’t see why not! Sign up for an IHG account and make sure to register for the promo before sending in your entries.

  2. Doug- I sent around 40 the second day of the contest then a couple of weeks later in two batches.

    MattB- Did you register for the promo?

    Carl P- Sounds like your doing pretty well! I’m hoping to win one more Group B prize & hopefully something bigger!

    Juno- Good luck!

    ikc- Hopefully you’ll get some soon enough!

    kj- You’d think entries for stays would have priority in receiving the prize e-mails…

    Allison- Impressive!

    1. I read someone concerned about the order in which they put the info on the card. Should I be concerned about that? I have written my cards but have not mailed until I asked that question.

  3. yeah nada for us too and we actually did stays !!! I am mailing in cards but really when you do stays and get nothing that sucks…..

  4. I mailed “about” 40 entries on 11/27. Today I received just ONE email. I was, however, able to play the same link a total of 35 times. I got one 5000, three 2000s, and one 1,000, so I guess I already hit my limit in level B already. That totals 25,000 for the first 35. Assuming all the rest are 500 I will hit 57,500.
    I sent the next batch a couple of weeks ago. I guess I’ll see how short I am of 94 (for whatever reason) and send a last batch then. That is unless I actually stay an IHG night, which I may because they offered a 5,000 bonus for a January night. My accelerate was lousy.

    FYI. I left off the return address on the envelope (which the USPS does not require), although that did concern me for a while.

    1. Well that gives me hope.. if it’s going to be about 6 week turn around, I have another week or two before I get a response.. (hopefully)

  5. Why do I seem to be the only one with nada for response? I submitted in 180 for my wife and I across 3 batches starting on 11/20, but still not a word on any.

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