Man Thinks Tourists Are Pain In Ass, Slashes Victim in NYC

Pain in the Ass
image: Gothamist

New York City is a busy place filled with tourists, especially during the holiday season.

The NYPD is looking for a man who allegedly slashed another man across the back of his head in midtown due to an argument about tourists.

The slasher feels that tourist are a pain in the ass…

The situation took place this past Thursday, December 10 at around 4:45 PM near East 55th street and Madison Avenue.

According to the New York Daily News, “an emotionally-disturbed man, who yelled out, “Tourists are a pain in the ass,” as he crossed paths with his 30-year-old“. The News says that the victim was unsure of who the man was referring to and responded by asking who he was talking about but in not such nice words…

The victim then walked away but was followed and got slashed in the back of the head.

Gothamist reports that the victim was taken to Roosevelt Hospital in stable condition. He looked through mug shots on Friday and the police are going through video footage of what took place.

Crazy stuff… It goes to show, sometimes it’s better to ignore than to get involved in a pointless argument with a wacko.

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