JetBlue To Increase Service to Mexico?


I received an interesting press release from JetBlue yesterday related to flights to Mexico.  It appears that the airline might (will?) be increasing service to the country in 2016.

The press release’s title is “JetBlue Applauds Landmark US- Mexico Aviation Treaty“.

Besides the news from JetBlue I didn’t come across this information from other airlines or anywhere else. Could JetBlue be the only airline excited by the news?

The agreement signed yesterday lifted restrictions on the amount of carriers allowed to fly on any given route between the US and Mexico. According to the press release this “opens the doors for carriers to add unlimited new transborder air service effective January 1, 2016“.

The airline’s president and CEO Robin Hayes was really excited “…this development will put our airline a step closer to being able to increase service to Mexico. We look forward to working with DOT to remove the remaining barriers to entry that smaller carriers like JetBlue continue to face when expanding.”

I’d like to know just how many flights and routes they plan to fly in the future to Mexico? Will increased flights lead to a decrease in the cost to fly there for passengers?

I’m also curious to see if other airlines will look to add more flights to Mexico.

Find out more from the press release here.

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