Fodor’s Places To Go 2016

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Towards the end of each year, I look forward to seeing all of the different lists that come out that name top places to go for the following year.

So far I’ve seen a few such lists:

While these lists are fun to read, I can’t say that they have much of an impact in deciding where we go. That comes down to finding a great airfare, flight award availability and just choosing a new place (or some we’ve been to) to visit.

Earlier in the month, Fodor’s released a slideshow with their 2016 Go List.

Let’s see which destinations made the cut:

  • America’s National Parks
  • Sicily
  • Guadeloupe
  • Abu Dhabi
  • St Helena
  • Guam
  • Ecuador
  • Adelaide
  • Faroe Islands
  • Bavaria
  • Fez
  • San Sebastian
  • Cuba
  • Lithuania
  • Taipei
  • Palm Springs
  • Normandy
  • Philadelphia
  • North Loop, Minneapolis
  • Stratford-Upon-Avon
  • Nepal
  • Maine
  • Philippines
  • Haiti
  • Utah (Their top pick)

The United States was the top country represented with six places including the top pick, Utah. Otherwise, the rest of the list consisted of a good selection of destinations from around the world.

From Fodor’s picks, I’ve been to five of them and will be visiting another at the end of this week. If I could pick a few places to visit from the To Go list, I’d choose Guam, Faroe Islands, Nepal, Haiti and the Philippines.

How many places from Fodor’s Places To Go 2016 have you been to? Any favorites?

Find out about each of the 25 destinations selected by Fodor’s to visit in 2016 here.

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