Airbnb $50 Off $100 from Amex Offers

AirbnbAmex Offers have been a great way to save (and even get free) money with some pretty solid and lucrative offers at times.

Most recently I received 2 Different Shop Small Amex Offers. The most lucrative offer that I can recall receiving was back in late June. With the offer I was able to get $375 in free money when all was said and done.

Amex Offers can even help with the decision on whether or not it’s worth keeping a credit card open. The offers can help to pay back the cost of the fee and then some.

This morning, a post from Deals We Like caught my attention. The post, Up to 50% off with AirBnB with Amex Offers was a deal that I hoped to get targeted for. And if I wasn’t, I could always sync my card with Twitter and use #AmexAirBnB according to Deals We Like’s post.

Kim, Lucas and I have had some memorable Airbnb stays over the past few years. A $50 off $100 offer would sure be a reason to use it again! Find out about the first time we used Airbnb in my review: Our Awesome Experience with Airbnb.

I logged in to Kim and my Amex accounts right after reading about this offer.

I was happy to see that each of us received the offer on one Amex Card. For Kim, it was her Platinum card, for myself, the Business Gold.

To save $50 off $100 with Airbnb from Amex Offers, stays have to be booked by 12/31/15. The good thing is that as long as your stay is booked by the specified date, “you’ll be eligible to receive the statement credit regardless of when you’re traveling“.

I could see using this offer for one of our upcoming trips and will certainly be looking into Airbnb as an option. I am debating whether or not it pays to add the offer to one of my other Amex cards through Twitter. However, I’m not sure that I really need that many credits…

Were you targeted for the Aibnb Amex Offer? If so, do you plan to use it?

Get a $20 Airbnb credit: If you’ve never used Airbnb before and are thinking of signing up for an account, please consider using my invite link. You’ll receive $20 off your first stay! In return, I’ll receive a $20 Airbnb credit once you complete your first stay.

6 thoughts on “Airbnb $50 Off $100 from Amex Offers

    1. Before you jump in on the gift card idea, you may want to make sure it works for your plans. Apparently you can only use one gift card per booking, so at most $50 off per booking. It seems you’d need to book each night separately in order to get $50 off each night (assuming your nights are $50+). Also, there are reports on reddit that you cannot redeem a gift card on the same account you purchased the gift card.

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