A Faster (& Free) Way Through Customs Than Global Entry

Global Entry
image: CN Traveler- Cynthia Drescher

While I’ve had Global Entry for a couple of years now, I only started using it around 6 months back. The reason for the delay was that Kim and Lucas didn’t have it…

Since we started using Global Entry, we’ve had issues getting Lucas’ fingerprints to scan, noticed long lines to get a GE kiosk and have also enjoyed quick entry with the service. Basically, we’ve experiences Global Entry for better & worse.

At $100, Global Entry is a reasonable price to pay if you’re a frequent flyer to save some time. Thanks to a variety of credit cards which include the service as a benefit, the Michael W Travels family all have Global Entry. Would I pay for it in the future? I’m really undecided.

Now imagine there being a quicker way through customs than Global Entry. Plus, here’s the kicker, it’s FREE!

I came across an article from CN Traveler where they mention a free way to get past the lines at immigration and customs at a limited number of US airports. The best part is that all you need is a smartphone.

With the app Mobile Passport (you can download to iPhone and Android devices), you can “enter your passport and travel information, submit it electronically, and generate a receipt to show at customs and immigration checkpoints”.

Thanks to the app, you can forget about long lines and those annoying forms.

The main problem with this option is the lack of airports where Mobile Passport is available. There are currently 5 airports where the app could be used, Atlanta, Miami, Seattle, Chicago and San Francisco. (They’re hoping  that at least 20 airports accept the app during the next year.)

Mobile Passport is currently open to US citizens with a valid US passport and Canadian citizens with a Canadian passport.

According to CN Traveler, “When you turn off “airplane mode,” open the app, complete the steps, and you’ll have your immigration and customs clearance ready before even stepping off the aircraft“.

This option sounds way too easy and convenient. I’d love to give Mobile Passport a try one of these days to find out for myself how good an option this could potentially be.

Find out more about Mobile Passport from CN Traveler here.

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