United MileagePlus Shopping 550 Bonus Miles Offer

United MileagePlus Shopping

A couple of days back I received an e-mail with a limited time bonus offer from Lucas’ United account.

The offer was a way to earn some bonus miles with United MileagePlus Shopping however there isn’t much time to complete the spend to earn the bonus.

This shopping bonus offer is actually quite similar to one that I received from AAdvantage Shopping last week.

With United MileagePlus Shopping, if we spend $200, Lucas’ account will earn 550 bonus miles. This doesn’t sound too bad since it comes to just shy of 3 bonus miles per dollar spent.

The problem, once again is that we’re not looking to make any big purchases and the offer is only good until October 31, 2015 at 11:59:59 pm ET.

The bonus miles can only be earned one time and is only available to those that received the e-mail about it. Once again, this is a targeted offer.

With the AAdvantage offer, I had to spend $150 to earn 500 bonus AA miles. This offer is a bit better due to less spend needed to earn a similar bonus. Regardless, I did not go for this offer.

Did you receive any recent shopping portal bonus offers? If so, let us know what you received and if you plan to try to earn the bonus miles.

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  1. Pair it up with a break-even resell gift card deal using Amex Sync offers and you may be able to get the miles for free.

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