Our Plans for Open House New York 2015

Open House New York 2015

This weekend hundreds of sites around NYC will be open to visit which are usually closed to the public.

Open House New York is now in its 13th year.  Over the past few years Kim and I have visited historic homes, toured sections of the High Line before they were completed, go to see Murray’s cheese caves and visited the amazing TWA Flight Center at JFK Airport.

This year, while looking over the list of sites participating in OHNY, Kim and I came up with what I feel is a good plan. It should include visiting places which appeal to all of us, yes even Lucas and it (mostly) entails sticking to one borough.

Kim, Lucas and I will be spending the first day of OHNY Weekend, checking out a bunch of different sites in Queens. We’ve visited a couple of them in the past but the others will all be new experiences for us.

Here is our plan for Open House New York Weekend 2015:

Saturday, October 17:

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Our first stop will be at the Marine Air Terminal at LaGuardia Airport. After spending some time there we’ll head over to one of Lucas’ favorite museums which is just a few miles away.

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We’ll drive a few minutes to the New York Hall of Science. Lucas has been there a couple of times before and loves this museum. Honestly, I’m not a big fan but it will be a fun stop for my little guy!

After these first couple of stops, we’ll probably need to take a lunch break. I have a couple of ideas close by. There’s a great Mexican place called Tortilleria Nixtmal which is a solid option that we’ve been to in the past. Around the corner is an Italian deli which I’ve always wanted to visit but it’s been closed when we passed by on a couple of occasions. I used to love getting a sandwich from Leo’s Latticini (Mama’s) at Shea Stadium years back. I’ve heard great things about their actual shop in Corona so we’re aiming to head there for lunch!

Next up are a couple of World’s Fair sites which are part of OHNY’s special series.

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I mostly recently visited the Unisphere on the World’s Fair Grounds over the summer with Kim & Lucas. I’m really looking forward to taking a tour around the grounds to learn more about  what’s left of the fair grounds. I just hope that the timing works out for us…

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While at the Fair Grounds, we plan to visit the New York State Pavilion. The only problem is that I read long lines are expected. We’ll have to see how long the wait seems to be before deciding if it’s worth a wait.

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If time permits, we’ll stop in the Queens Museum to take a look around. The building was also part of the World’s Fair and the first home of the UN. Since the Queens Museum is part of the NYC ID program, we might just stop in for a couple of minutes to get our free one year memberships.

Sunday, October 18:

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We’re not planning to dedicate our full weekend to Open House New York but if time permits, there is one museum I’d love to visit in Brooklyn.

I’ve heard good things about the City Reliquary in Williamsburg for quite some time. The small museum follows the history of NYC’s five boroughs with interesting, odd and bizarre artifacts. It would be fun to visit while a tour is being given during OHNY.

So that’s our plans for Open House New York 2015. We have big plans for Saturday, although I’m not sure we’ll get to do all we have planned.

Do you plan to take part in OHNY? If so, which sites are you planning to visit?

Find out more about Open House New York here.

(OHNY event images from ohny.org)

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