NY Drivers License Good For Domestic Flights For Another Year

NY Drivers License
image: Gothamist (from DMV)

Last month I wrote that NY driver’s licenses + 3 other states won’t be valid for domestic flights starting next year. This was due to the Real ID Act.

This led me to look into what counts as a valid form of ID for domestic flights. With all of this ID talk when it comes to domestic flights, I found it surprising that if you forget your ID, you could still fly!

I just came across some important news from Gothamist which is great for New Yorkers.

Originally it was reported that sometime in early 2016, NY driver’s licenses would not be good for domestic flights. Gothamist was told by the Department of Motor Vehicles that they were hoping to get an extension.

(A New York Drivers License was in violation of the REAL ID Act since you don’t have to prove that you’re a US citizen before getting the license.)

According to Gothamist, “The Department of Homeland Security has granted us an extra year to use our drivers licenses to fly”.

This is good news since we New Yorkers won’t have to worry about remembering another form of ID for domestic flights.

A reader mentioned in one of my previous posts that a NYS enhanced driver license would be a valid form of ID. Gothamist also mentioned getting an enhanced driver’s license which costs an additional $30.

The EDL will still be a valid form of ID if and when the REAL ID Act kicks in for New York. It’s also good for traveling to/ from Canada & Mexico by land and sea.

Next time I am due to renew my license, I might get an EDL.

Find out more from Gothamist here.

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