Spend Halloween in NYC at the American Museum of Natural History

American Museum of Natural History

As a little kid, I always found it exciting to get dressed up and go trick or treating around the neighborhood. I always got a kick out of ringing strangers’ door bells and scoring lots of treats.

In recent years, we’ve taken Lucas trick or treating a couple of times but I can’t say that it was so exciting. Then again, getting dressed up is half the fun. Check out Lucas as my little burger from a few years back during Purim, another holiday where you get dressed up. Last year we all dressed up as skeletons. After Lucas picked out his costume at the store, Kim got crafty and made us ours.

This year I am really excited for Halloween since we’ll be doing something quite different from what we’ve ever done before.

On October 31, Kim, Lucas and I will be going trick or treating at the American Museum of Natural History. Yes you read that correctly!

The American Museum of Natural History is probably my favorite museum in NYC and one that I haven’t visited in quite a few years.

When I got invited to the 20th Annual Halloween Celebration at the museum, I knew that it was an event Lucas would love and one we had to check out. Heck, I think the event will be really fun for adults too!

The celebration takes place on Saturday, October 31 from 2-5 PM.

About the Halloween Celebration:

  • Character favorites like Clifford the Big Red Dog, Curious George, Llama Llama, Peter Rabbit will greet the kids and wander around the museums during the celebration.
  • Over 30 museum halls will be open during the event where you can go trick or treating and do arts & crafts. From AMNH, “guests are invited to wander among “dangerous” dinosaurs, “eerie” elephants, and the “uncanny” universe“.
  • There will be live performances by The David Grover and Grover’s Gang, Louie Miranda and His Band, The Spectacular Magic of Robert Austin, the Big Apple Circus: Circus to Go!, and a special appearance by the Big Nazo Intergalactic Creature Band.

Who wouldn’t want to go trick or treating around the Museum of Natural History?!

Tickets for the AMNH Halloween Celebration cost $14 per person.

Find our more and purchase tickets for the AMNH Halloween Celebration here.

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