5,000 US Bank FlexPerks Points= $50 Rewards Card + $10 Fandango Code

US Bank FlexPerks

US Bank is running a special promo when redeeming FlexPoints for US Bank Reward Visa Cards.

If you like going to the movies and order tickets from Fandango, this might be a redemption option of interest to you. 

Here is how the promo works:

When you redeem FlexPoints for US Bank Rewards Visa Cards of $50 or more you’ll  receive a Fandango promo code good for up to $10 off the purchase of one movie ticket.

The offer is good for the month of October, expiring on 10/31 or until there are 20,000 redemptions. I find it hard to believe that this option will be selected 20,000 times but then again, who knows?!

Some Rules:

  • There is a limit of one Fandango Promo Code per person.
  • Fandango codes can be used until October 31, 2016.

Thoughts on Offer:

If you’re looking to cash out your points (or at least 5,000) then this is an opportunity to get a little something extra back. The offer isn’t anything special but the small bonus is better than nothing. I won’t be cashing out for it.

If you’re interested in redeeming  FlexPoints for a visa card and a $10 Fandango code, click here to find out all of the details.

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