Wyndham Credit Card: 2 Bonus Points/ $1 Spent- Eligible Categories

Wyndham credit card

Over the summer I wrote about a targeted offer from the Wyndham credit card where I could earn 10,000 bonus points.

To earn the bonus, all I have to do is spend $250 or more during the months of August, September and October. I’m done with the first two months and will earn the bonus once I make my charge next month.

Wyndham also sent me a gift which I never got to use. More recently, I received a message from Wyndham about my card being replaced for security reasons.

I just received another offer from my Wyndham credit card.

In the new offer, I can “Finish the year strong and earn bonus rewards“.

What this actually means is that I can earn bonus points from October 1 – December 31 when I use my card on eligible purchases.

As long as this offer is activated by October 20, I’ll earn 2 bonus points for every $1 spent onĀ eligible purchases.

Eligible purchases include gas, restaurant and department, toy and game store purchases.

Some other details:

  • The max bonus which can be earned is 2,500 bonus points.
  • Bonus points are in addition to the 2x points the card already earns.
  • Bonus points should post 6-8 weeks after the promo ends.

While I’m not sure that I’ll try to earn any of the bonus points, I still activated the offer. I could possibly see using my Wyndham card at some restaurants but not for any of the other categories.

Did you receive this bonus offer (or another) from the Wyndham credit card?

2 thoughts on “Wyndham Credit Card: 2 Bonus Points/ $1 Spent- Eligible Categories

  1. I have not seen any special bonus offers. I have also recently discovered that the bonus point rate (where you got 2,000 bonus points per stay for the same rate as the flexible rate) has disappeared from a most locations. For me that means one third the points for most stays (one night usually). After the two nights I have booked (with 2,000 bonus on each from special rate) my short stint at Wyndhams will probably be over.

    Between the credit card signup bonuses, etc. and 13 one night stays I will have accumulated 135,000 points for nine award nights.

  2. I haven’t received any special offers, but I have noticed the 2,000 bonus point rate (same rate as flexible rate) has pretty much gone away. For me that means 1/3 the points for stays (usually one night stays). As things are I think my Wyndham stint is over.

    It was nice while it lasted. Between the credit card bonuses and 13 one night business stays (with 2,000 bonus on each) I will have built 135,000 points. That’s good for nine award nights.

    Now 13 one night stays would get a grand total of 17,000 points assuming I pay with the Wyndham credit card (just one award night).

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