Virgin Galactic Sending Passengers To Space in 2017?

Virgin Galactic

Close to a year ago,  Virgin Galactic suffered  major setback  when it’s SpaceShipTwo crashed during a test. It now looks like a tentative date has been set for when passengers can be taken to space.

According to an article from, Virgin Galactic sent out e-mails to over 700 people that had signed up for the pricey flight detailing the results of the investigation into the crash.

They also included a date as to when they might be able to take off.

Becoming the first civilians into space won’t come cheap. Those on the list will be forking over $250,000 to grab a seat on one of the flights.

Prior to take-off, the rich astronauts will train for 3 days with Virgin.

Forbes says that some who bought seats “were privately informed that the end of 2017 is the possible planned SpaceShipTwo launch date. (Virgin says however that this is an internal milestone and not the official date)”.

The second SpaceShipTwo has recently been completed and will be ready for test flights in 2016. SpaceShipTwo can carry two pilots and six passengers.

When the original SpaceShipTwo crashed on October 31, 2014, some of those that had reserved a pricey seat onboard backed out and got a refund.

Virgin Galactic will take passengers up to the Earth’s upper atmosphere. At a maximum height of 361,000 feet, they will get to experience weightlessness for a few minutes.

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