Tune In For the ANA Star Wars Jet Reveal

Star Wars Jet
image: ANA

Earlier in the month I wrote about a special Uber-Star Wars promo around New York City.

While I’m not the biggest Star Wars fan, it seems like things related to the movie franchise have been everywhere recently and I have to say that some of the things are pretty cool.

One of the best Star Wars promos involves a special ANA Jet!

An ANA Boeing Dreamliner is becoming R2D2, well kind of…

Star Wars Jet
image: Boeing

The plane got a makeover so to speak, or at least a new paint job and won’t have the usual ANA livery on it.

The R2D2 ANA Jet will be coming out of Boeing’s paint hangar for the first time and we’re being invited to watch, live online!

ANA will have a live webcast on Saturday, September 12 at 9:00 AM PDT/ 4:00 PM GMT.

Interested in tuning in to watch? I’d like to but don’t think I’ll be around…

If you’d like to watch this special webcast, make sure to tune in by clicking here.

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