The Amazing Race Returns September 25!

The Amazing Race

One of my favorite travel television shows of all time returns to CBS 8/7c on Friday, September 25 for its 27th season.

The Amazing Race, winner of multiple Emmy awards for Outstanding Reality Competition Program will be starting off with 11 new teams until just one is left standing, taking home a share of the $1,000,000 prize.

The season will start off in Venice Beach, California and features teams of two with a variety of different pre-existing relationships.

Here are the teams:

  1. “#TheCousins”: cousins- Alex & Adam
  2. “#ChacAttack”: married couple- Cindy & Rick
  3. “#TeamAlabama”: mother & son- Denise & James
  4. “#TheDancers”: brothers- Ernest & Jin
  5. “#TheTrackStars”: best friends- Jazmine & Danielle
  6. “#TheGreenTeam”: engaged couple- Justin & Diana
  7. “#TeamTMZ”: friends/ co-workers- Kelly & Shevonne
  8. “#TheReporters”: couple- Kelsey & Joey
  9. “#ThePaparazzi”: couple- Logan & Chris
  10. “#TeamTexas”: best friends- Tanner & Josh
  11. “#TheCheerleaders”: friends- Tiffany & Krista

This season’s teams are made up of either family or friends which is typical of the show. I enjoyed last season’s twist where couples with history went up against teams which were set up on something like a blind date, meeting for the first time at the race’s starting line.

Hopefully this season of The Amazing Race will feature interesting destinations with lots of fun and challenging tasks.

I’ll be following along during the season, will you?

Check out photos of each of the new teams along with links to videos about them here.

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