NYC Airport Workers To Strike Today

NYC Airport
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Boy am I glad that I’m not flying tonight…

Yesterday I came across news of an upcoming strike by NYC airport workers. Thanks also to my friend Rene over at Delta Points for mentioning this to me.

The planned strikes should take place at JFK and LGA but there wasn’t mention of EWR airport beingĀ involved so I guess the strikes are literally taking place in NYC.

From what I’ve read this isn’t going to be a small group of people walking out. According to CNBC, “Over 1,000 subcontracted airport security officers, baggage handlers and wheelchair attendants at New York City’s two major airports plan to strike“.

Based on what I read from CNBC, it looks like this strike will greatly affect Delta’s operations.

The article mentions that Service Employees International Union Local 32BJ said picketing will start at Delta terminals:

  • 10:00 PM tonight at JFK
  • 6:00 AM on Thursday at LaGuardia

CNBC was not sure how these strikes will affect travelers.

It’s too bad to hear about this strike after the awesome news reporting yesterday of The ARK, a lux animal terminal coming soon to JFK.

Hopefully this strike doesn’t cause loads of delays and issues at the airport.

Find out more from CNBC here.

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