JFK Airport Getting $48 Million Animal Terminal, The ARK

JFK Airport
image: AP

I don’t think its much of a secret that the airports around New York leave much to be desired. Major updates wouldn’t hurt all three- JFK, LGA and EWR.

Over the past few years there’s been some excitement due to improvements with Delta’s T4 which features some solid food options including two Shake Shakes (which serve breakfast) and a Delta Sky Club with an outdoor Sky Deck.

I’d also love to check out the recently opened for all JetBlue T5 Rooftop at JFK.

United’s Terminal C at Newark Airport has also undergone a renovation offering some great food options with a touch of technology. If you’re looking for a solid burger at Terminal C, give Custom Burgers a try.

So what’s the newest thing coming to a NYC area airport?

JFK Airport will be getting a new luxury terminal called The ARK which will be able to handle the 70,000+ animals which fly in and out of their each year.

The ARK is being “billed as the world’s first air terminal for animals” according to the AP.

The new terminal will cost a whopping $48 million and will be a 178,000 square foot shelter and quarantine area.

From what it sounds, the animals might get better comforts in their terminal than us humans do. The AP says that “Horses and cows will occupy sleek, climate-controlled stalls with showers, and doggies will lounge in hotel suites featuring flat-screen TVs. A special space for penguins will allow them mating privacy“.

With The ARK having  quarantine facility it can reduce a lot of stress on the animals. For example, horses might need to be quarantined for up to 3 days. They are currently driven up to Newburgh, 80 miles away. The ARK will allow these horses and other animals to pass time at JFK in luxury rather than bes shuffled around.

There will also be a 20,000 suare foot lux resort ran by Paradise 4 Paws. This will have the bone-shaped pool shown above, massage options as well as pawdicures!

The new terminal is being built where are unused cargo terminal once stood.

I wonder if any premium credit cards will offer free access to the lux animal services which will be available at The ARK!

Find out more from the AP here.

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