Free Wi-Fi in Japan. Kind Of…

Free WiFi Japan

A little over two years back, Kim, Lucas and I headed to Japan. While I had always wanted to go to Japan (I’d like to go everywhere!), it wasn’t a place very high on my list. However, the country blew me away and the trip greatly over-exceeded any expectations.

With Japan being a leader in developing technology, one thing that surprised me was the lack of Wi-Fi in public places and restaurants.

Well now there seems to be Japan Connected-Free Wi-Fi nationwide. Kind of…

Free WiFi Japan

In a newsletter that I received from the Japan National Tourism Agency there is a section called Useful Information. In this section is a link to an article about Japan Connected-Free Wi-Fi.

This got me quite interested, wondering if the country was now going to be wired much like the way Taiwan is.

It turns out that there will be free Wi-Fi nationwide while shopping in convenience stores!

According to the article, “The Japan Connected-free Wi-Fi app that lets users connect easily to free Wi-Fi nationwide can now be used at Japan’s leading convenience store chains Family Mart and Lawson—including the 7-Eleven stores where the app is already supported“.

This gives users free Wi-Fi at close to 40,000 stores throughout the country. Pretty impressive!

It gets even better…

The app doesn’t only offer free Wi-Fi in convenience stores, it also offers free connections at 130,000 “access points” around Japan. This includes airports, metro stations, department stores and even many tourists sights!

So it looks like when we eventually visit Japan again, it might just be the connected country that I had expected it to be!

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