There’s A Boeing Seattle Seahawks Freight Plane

Image: Boeing- USA Today article

I’ve written a few times of airlines like Southwest having specialty fleets painted to commemorate a variety of things.

Southwest introduced us to Missouri One earlier this year. Here was a look at the airline’s specialty planes fleet back in 2013, some of which no longer exist.

JetBlue showed off a plane called Blue Bravest to support the FDNY Foundation in 2013.

There are many other airlines with specially painted planes and today Boeing brought back a very cool plane.

Boeing’s Seattle Seahawks themed 747 is back for an encore” according to USA Today.

For the second year in a row, Boeing has painted one of its 747-8 freighters to commemorate the NFL’s Seattle Seahawks. However, last year’s plane has had the Seahawks logo removed and it is now featured on a different plane.

The Seahawks livery for 2015 has some difference from the 2014 version.

The plane features the Seahawks logo as well as a number 12 in the tail, “a tip of the hat to the imposing home fans that turn the Seahawks’ stadium into a “twelfth man” on game days” according to the article.

The football season doesn’t start for another couple of months but Boeing debuted the Seahawks livery early so it could do a flyover on August 2nd at the Boeing Seafair Air Show.

Pretty cool stuff! Find out more from USA Today about the Boeing Seahawks plane here.

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