An Odd Club Carlson Credit Card Bonus Offer

Club Carlson Credit Card

With the Club Carlson credit card second night free benefit ending at the beginning of last month, Gold Points have lost a significant amount of value.

Besides losing this great benefit, to top it off, the amount of points needed to redeem for a free night have also gone up at many properties.

Kim recently got an offer for her Club Carlson credit card which seemed a bit odd.

I’ll preface this by saying that Kim and I both rarely use our Club Carlson cards for purchases. So, when Kim got an offer for a credit line increase, I couldn’t imagine why US Bank would feel that she needed one!

According to the letter, it was based on a review of her account…

Club Carlson Credit Card

According to the letter, Kim could get a credit line increase up to $4,500 plus a bonus.

If US Bank/ Club Carlson wanted to offer us a free night stay then we would gladly look into the offer but certainly not for their offer.

So what was Kim offered?

For acting now, US Bank is offering Kim a bonus of 250 Gold Points. Yes, 250 points.

Please US Bank can you let us know what value you feel these points have? They certainly won’t entice us to take you up on your offer for a credit line increase.

3 thoughts on “An Odd Club Carlson Credit Card Bonus Offer

  1. I’ve seen this offer numerous times before from USB. The same $4500 increase and same 250 point bonus. Never considered it worth taking them up on it.

    I can’t swear if it was on Club Carlson or USB FlexPerks card.

  2. Wow, Club Carlson keeps getting better and better! 250 points for ratcheting up your available credit, what a deal. CC is indeed so good, that since June 1st I’ve placed their valuable credit card in my dresser drawer for safe keeping. ;<)

  3. Carl P- It’s definitely an absurd offer for two reasons. 1- 250 points are pretty much worthless. 2- I’m pretty sure they’ll run your credit to get the increase.

    Rich A.- HAHAHA- My Club Carlson cards have been there for longer than that! 🙂

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