Man Gets Past Security, Boards Plane W/ Out Ticket

Airport Security
image: DFW airport

This just doesn’t make much sense at all…

A 26-year-old man was able to pass through an airport security checkpoint without a ticket and then boarded a plane at Dallas/ Fort Worth International Airport on Sunday.

The incident is now being investigated.

According to Reuters, “The man parked his vehicle at a curbside airport terminal entrance on Sunday night, walked through a Transportation Security Administration screening area and boarded the plane“.

The name of the man and airline involved were not identified.

Airport police were called when an airline employee figured out what happened before the flight took off. The man was arrested on charges of criminal trespassing. His vehicle was checked and “found no threat” according to the article.

Immediately following the security breach, more barriers were added to the screening area and other long-term solutions are being looked into.

I just want to know how the man was able to get past security and then get past the gate agent and onto the plane? Something seems odd…

Find out more from Reuters here.

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2 thoughts on “Man Gets Past Security, Boards Plane W/ Out Ticket

  1. It makes perfect sense actually. The TSA is just security theater…always has been, always will be.

    Now, this incident will be used as an excuse to further restrict the rest of us. It’s the same game repeated over and over again.

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