2015 Open House New York Dates Announced

Open House New York

Open House New York is an awesome way to gain access to hundreds of sites around the five boroughs which are typically be closed to the public.

For one weekend in October for the past 12 years, OHNY has unlocked many of these hard to visit sites for a couple of days for the public to check out.The dates for the 2015 Open House New York Weekend have been announced. It will take place on October 17- 18, 2015.

I’ve attended OHNY events over a few different years  and had a lot of fun visiting old homes, touring parts of The High Line before it was completed, touring Murray’s Cheese caves and more.

One of the most memorable Open House New York events I ever attended was at JFK Airport where we got to check out the incredible TWA Flight Center.

There are a couple of different kinds of tour & site options:

  • Open Access– Sites & tours are free and can be visited at any time during the listed opening hours.
  • Advanced Reservations– Sites & tours which require that you make advanced reservations for a small fee.

The list of participating sites and tours won’t be available until the end of September so if you plan on attending, you’ll have to wait to do your planning.

Have you ever attended Open House New York Weekend? If so, where did you go and what did you think about it?

Find out more about the 2015 Open House New York Weekend and sign up for event updates here.

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