Father’s Day Gift Ideas For The Traveling Dad

fathers day gift

With Father’s Day less than a week away have you finished your gift shopping?

If the answer is no, then I’m here to help!

Maybe you don’t know what to get your Dad. A tie isn’t going to do it in 2015. Wait, does anyone really even get their father a tie as a gift? So you’re out of ideas and your dad is a travel junkie. What to do, what to do? Better yet, what to buy? 🙂

First thing I’d suggest is some great reading material. Mention that he should be checking out Michael W Travels everyday to find out about all things travel! One of the best parts of this gift which is a mere suggestion from you is that it is free!

So now that a fine reading suggestion is checked off the list, what should you really get him?

Here are some gift suggestions, some of which I have, others that I wouldn’t mind getting…

(I’ll be organizing this list in order by price from lowest to highest.)

fathers day gift
image: Amazon

Travel Adapters like the Ceptics Travel Adapter: Don’t get stuck without a way to charge your electronics when visiting a foreign country. (Cost: varies, Ceptics Adapter- $7.99)

fathers day gift
image: Yeti

Travel Mugs: If you’re Dad is like me and loves ice-cold (or hot) drinks, then the Yeti Rambler Insulated Tumbler might be a great gift. I just found out about the tumbler at the Big Apple BBQ in NYC over the weekend and would love to try one out! The mug can keep drinks hot or cold for hours which seems pretty impressive! (Cost: 20oz-$29.99, 30oz- $39.99)

fathers day gift

If Dad is a frequent flyer and needs to stay connected inflight, purchasing the Gogo Inflight Unlimited Pass is a great value. If you fly just 4 days and use Gogo, you’re saving a few dollars off the price of purchasing All-Day Passes. (Cost: $59.95 per month)

(Don’t forget to enter to win two Gogo Inflght sessions. Contest ends midnight on 6/17.)

fathers day gift

Get Dad some protection from those strong rays with Coolibar- Sun Protection You Wear. Their sun protective clothing offers a variety of items for everyone in the family. Since they offer a wide range of apparel, it shouldn’t be hard to find a gift option for your Dad. (Cost: Prices vary.)

fathers day gift
Clothing Arts Adventure Traveler Shorts

Clothing Arts Pick Pocket Proof Clothing: Pants, shorts and shirts- they are all made well, look great and are an excellent way to keep your valuables safe. Check out my review of the P^Cubed Pants. Since getting a pair of the business & one of the adventure shorts, they are pretty much all I wear on trips to warmer climates. I finally tried out my Travel Shirt during a stopover in Beijing back in April and ended up flying home in it. Yes it was that comfortable! (Cost: Prices vary,starting at $69.95)

fathers day gift
thinksound rain2 headphones

thinksound headphones: Stylish, high quality listening with these headphones made with a beautiful natural wood. Why use wood? According to thinksound, “Wood has specific acoustical properties that can’t be duplicated with plastics, or other composite materials“. They have an over-ear and a variety of in-ear, bud styles. (Cost: Prices start from $74.99)

fathers day gift
Activeon DX

Activeon Action Video Camera: For a cheaper alternative to the GoPro, check out the Activeon DX which films in 1080p and can record for up to 120 minutes. There are also cheaper models including one that goes for just $99.99.(Cost: the DX goes for $299.99)

What would I want if money was no object?

fathers day gift

A new camera like the Canon EOS Rebel T6i DSLRAfter getting to test out the T6i at the Canon Bring It In Brooklyn event, I’ve been debating if it’s time to upgrade my camera to a DSLR. This would be my pick but I definitely would not expect such a pricey gift. (Cost:The Canon T6i starts at $749, lenses not included.)

This is just a small sample of some things that I either have or find interesting. I can’t vouch for all of them since I don’t have all of these items that I’ve suggested.

If you need some more ideas, check out my Best Gifts for Travelers picks from December 2014. (Some items are on both lists.)

Feel free to share some gift suggestions in the comments below!

(FYI- Some of the links in this post are for my Amazon affiliate link. If you shop through them, I might earn a commission. Thanks for the support!)

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