NatGeo’s Best Summer Trips 2015

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The first official day of summer, June 21 is just a little over a month away.

If you haven’t planned (or been working on planning) your travels for the busy summer travel season, its time to get started.

One of the biggest and possibly the hardest decisions we make when it comes to traveling is picking the destination.So how does one decide where to go?

I’d guess that we all have different ways and priorities when in comes to picking a destination.

Some things Kim and I consider are:

  • Can we visit somewhere new?
  • What kind of trip do we want to take?
  • Award flight availability
  • Randomly coming across a mistake fare
  • Amount of time for the trip
  • Other

We also have a mental list of places that we want to go or would some day like to return to. This obviously is a huge factor in deciding where we visit.

For those of you unsure of where to go, National Geographic might be able to help.

NatGeo has a new slide show which suggests the Best Summer Trips 2015.

The destinations that Nat Geo mentions are a good mix of places near and far from here in the US.

Here are the Best Summer Trips according to Nat Geo:

  • Machu Picchu, Peru
  • Arizona (I went to the Grand Canyon Skywalk)
  • Konstanz, Germany
  • Athens, Greece (Kim visited)
  • England
  • Alberta, Canada
  • Singapore, Malaysia
  • Bermuda
  • Philadelphia, PA
  • Victoria, Australia (went on our honeymoon)
  • Jeju Island, South Korea

While we wont be going to any of NatGeo’s picks this summer (unless we make a random visit to Philly) we’ve been to many of them in the past.

This summer we’ll be going to Nicaragua at the end of June for around a week and we’ll be flying to Abu Dhabi (and then visiting some Gulf states) in mid-August.

I’ve wanted to visit Nicaragua for a while and also chose to go there due to the award flight I was able to book. Abu Dhabi (and the Gulf) was chosen due to an amazing fare on Etihad.

If not for the mistake fare to Abu Dhabi, I highly doubt it would’ve been considered for this summer.

How do you decide where to go on your trips? Do you have your summer travels planned? If so, where will you be heading?

Find out about Nat Geo’s picks for Best Summer Trips 2015 here.

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