Most Ridiculous Airbnb Rental Ever?

Airbnb RentalAirbnb has given us tons of new options for accommodations that never existed before.

Kim, Lucas and I have used Airbnb a bunch of times and have really seen the value that it can provide. (Check out a review of our first time using the service here.) When staying at places through Airbnb you get to connect with locals in an interesting way which can provide you with lots of advice and info about the area you are visiting.

Airbnb also offers lots of unique options including pubs, and even celebrity’s homes.

In the past we took at look at what might be the worst Airbnb rental but what about the oddest and possibly most bizarre option.

Most Airbnb rentals typically are renting a room in an apartment or a house. Some might have an en suite bathroom while (I’d assume) with others you share. Other listings could be to rent out a full property- house, apartment etc….

With hotels sold out and rentals for the Super Bowl costing thousands of $$$, one guy got creative. He offered to rent out the trunk of his Tesla with an air mattress inside!

It’s safe to say that renting out the trunk of a Tesla is probably the most bizarre Airbnb rental out there. However, I came across another which might also be in the running in an article from Curbed.

Airbnb Rental
image: Airbnb

A host named Jaan is offering to rent out his “Sweet Tent” in Streamwood, Illinois for $1,000 per night!

I’m guessing that the listing is a joke as the tent doesn’t seem to be much more than a couple of poles with a tarp tossed over it. The tent doesn’t look like it even has anything more than grass for the floor. In the listing it does say that an airbed is included however there isn’t a bathroom to use…

Other things to consider: there is free parking, wireless internet and pets are allowed.

I don’t know why, but I don’t think Jaan will be finding any takers for his sweet tent!

Check out the Sweet Tent’s  Airbnb listing here and the article from Curbed here.

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