Let Uber Deliver Your Lunch: UberEATS

Uber Eats

In the past Uber’s delivered things like Christmas Trees and Air Conditioners. Now they want to start a new kind of delivery service.

With UberEATS you’ll now be able to request lunch from some great restaurants  with the “tap of a button“.

The service is available in New York City (between 14th St & 40th St) and claims that you will have “the best eats and treats” in 10 minutes or less. If Uber could really deliver on this claim, then I’d definitely be impressed.

UberEATS seems to be as easy to order from as requesting rides are from the Uber app.

You can order from 11:00AM until 2:00PM on weekdays in the areas where the service is available. What’s nice is that no cash is needed to pay since payments will be handled through the app. You also wont need to tip the driver since that is also included in the cost.

FYI- Your order will be delivered curbside, not to your door/ office.

Here is how you order a meal:

Uber Eats

You have to wonder what the cost will be for this service (and also wonder if there will be surge meal pricing ever)?

Uber Eats

Here is what is available in NYC for lunch for the rest of the week:

Wednesday, April 29:

  • Num Pang- Steak Sandwich- $13.25
  • Scarpetta- Roasted Beet Salad

Thursday, April 30:

  • Mighty Quinn’s – Brisket Sandwich & Burnt Ends Baked Beans- $14
  • SweetGreen- Kale Caesar Salad- $8.85

Friday- May 1:

  • Lugo Cucina Italiano- Lugo’s Meatballs with Focaccia- $15
  • Barchetta- Lobster Roll- $15

Besides paying for your meal, Uber will also be charging “a flat $4 delivery fee for each request, regardless of the number of meals you order“. Not bad if you’re ordering for a lot of people but a bit pricey if only ordering for yourself…

I’ve heard of a few places from UberEAT’s offering for the next few days. There is only one that I can say I’ve tried- Mighty Quinn’s Brisket Sandwich.

There used to always be a line for Might Quinn’s at Smorgasburg and I’ve had the sandwich many times. It’s definitely worth giving a try although I recall the meat being pretty fatty (which I don’t care for at all) recently. When I say recently, I probably had it like 5-6 months back.

So would I try UberEATS? Well I don’t work in Manhattan so it wouldn’t be possible right now. I do find it to be a bit pricey but not horrible so I’m curious to try it out one time.

What do you think about Uber’s new service- worth it and convenient or just a pricey lunch gimmick?

Find out more about UberEATS here.

If you don’t currently have an Uber account, you can sign up through my link. You’ll get $20 towards your first ride and I’ll get a $20 free ride credit after you do.

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2 thoughts on “Let Uber Deliver Your Lunch: UberEATS

  1. UberEats is around in LA, too! You can get your first order free, up to $25, by entering code “freefresh”. Awesome service, and good food!

  2. I have been using the Uber ride service to order food. I call the order in to the restaurant and pay with my credit card. Then I set the pickup address to the restaurant and the drop off address to my home, office, etc. I then contact the driver and ask them to pick up a package or order at the restaurant. The transaction prices like a passenger ride instead of a courier which tends to be a bit less than say the Uber Rush service. Sometimes the driver is a little confused or annoyed at having to park and pick up a package but its always worked. There are more steps in the transaction than the pre-bundled Uber Food option, and it involves more contact with the driver and having to explain to the restaurant so there is a “cost” of sorts of having to do all that extra communicating. I’ve used it for places in
    Boston that don’t deliver small orders like a great sandwich shop and delli American Provisions.

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