If Dragons On A Plane Sound This Good, How Are They In Concert?

imagine dragons concert
image: Imagine Dragons

Last month I wrote about a pretty interesting sweepstakes being ran by Southwest.

In the sweepstakes, one lucky winner won a trip which included three flights and three concerts to see the very popular band, Imagine Dragons.

The really cool part of the prize was that one of the concerts was onboard a Southwest flight called Destination Dragons. The inflight concert took place on 2/24.

I recently watched a Youtube video which showed Imagine Dragons at the airport along with part of their inflight performance.

I haven’t been to a concert in years, it’s really not my thing. However, I have seen the band play a live performance at a couple of award shows on TV and they are pretty impressive.

I think most of you would agree that it’s hard to believe that a band could pull off an inflight performance and have it actually sound good. (Unless you’re Adam Sandler in The Wedding Singer!)

Well after watching Imagine Dragons perform “Live at 35 on Southwest” I have to say that it can be done. Talk about some great inflight entertainment!

Check out the performance:

Maybe more airlines should start having inflight concerts…

What did you think about Imagine Dragons’ inflight performance? Have any of you seen them perform in concert? If so I’d love to hear how it was.

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