Squirrel Catches Flight From Costa Rica To Houston

image: vallycentral.com

I came across an unusual and interesting story from Lonely Planet. They didn’t have too much information so I had to do a little research to find out more. This led me to an article from valleycentral.com.

All of the passengers on a flight from Costa Rica to Houston had deplaned when the crew spotted a tiny and furry straggler still onboard.

They noticed a baby squirrel who had apparently hitched a ride to the US.

The incident took place at George Bush Intercontinental Airport.

While I find squirrels to be cute, I wouldn’t want to take any chances and get too close to one and try to capture it and I’m sure none of the crew wanted to try either.

According to an article from valleycentral.com, “An agency agriculture specialist boarded the plane and “caged the squirrel without incident” with assistance from an officer“.

After spending some time in quarantine, the squirrel was turned over to the US Fish and Wildlife Services.

I just wonder if the squirrel will face deportation now or find a new home in the US.

Find out more from Lonely Planet and Valley Central.

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