Secrets Learned From Sitting Next To A Pilot

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Pilot Lucas- 9.5 months old

A travel editor for Yahoo gets seated next to two off-duty pilots on a flight home from Central America and what do you think she learned?

The editor, Leah Ginsberg says that she isn’t one that is down with inflight conversation. However, she “couldn’t miss the opportunity to pick the brain of a pilot.”

Here are the 7 secrets learned from sitting next to a pilot:

  1. Pilots get sick of each other and don’t need or want to sit next to each other during a flight home after flying together in the cockpit.
  2. Even pilots use travel hacks since flying is so uncomfortable- one of the pilots used a lumbar pillow for his lower back, used antibacterial wipes on the armrests, tray table and back of seat in front of him. He also said to “never touch the faucets in the bathroom on a plane“.
  3. They know interesting facts about planes– one of the pilots shared a story as to why the widows on planes are round and not square like they used to be.
  4. Pilots love looking out the window– both pilots flying next to the travel editor each had a window seat and spent lots of time looking outside.
  5. Pilots also hate flying with screaming children and can hear them in the cockpit if seated close enough. Surprise, surprise- routes to Orlando are the worst.
  6. Pilots follow the flight attendant’s instructions while flying as a passenger. “They even threw out their garbage.”
  7. Sitting next to a pilot makes you feel secure– This one was kind of silly. The editor often worried about opening the door when seated in the exit row if there was an emergency. She felt secure with this, during turbulence and during some other examples in the article.

Have you ever chatted up a pilot and learned something new about flying from them?

Find out more about secrets that Yahoo’s editor learned from sitting next to a pilot here.

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