A Delta Flight With Just TWO Passengers Onboard

Flight delay
Tweet from Buzzfeed

I’ve heard of people taking private jets to a destination but could you imagine having practically an entire plane to yourself?

One man was close to being the only passenger onboard a recent Delta flight.

The man, Chris O’Leary of Brooklyn was supposed to fly back to LaGuardia but encountered hours of flight delays.

According to Buzzfeed, “He said that while most of the other passengers found out about the delay once they got to the airport, he was tracking them from his hotel across the street. When he saw the flight was ready to take off, he headed to the airport“. 

It turned out that most of the other passengers were booked on other flights leaving him to be the only passenger for the flight!

O’Leary tweeted that he was literally the only one on the plane and mentioned getting a personal safety briefing from two flight attendants.

However, the solo flight wasn’t meant to be.

Here is his tweet (from Buzzfeed) about what happened:

Flight delay
Tweet from Buzzfeed

Besides welcoming the other passenger onboard, the two did not speak…

Could you imagine getting on a flight and being the only passenger onboard? Talk about a personalized experience!

Find out more about the story from Buzzfeed here.

11 thoughts on “A Delta Flight With Just TWO Passengers Onboard

  1. Closest I came to this was the week before 9/11. I flew from IAD to MSP on a Northwest DC-9 with 2 other passengers. I was the only one booked in coach so they moved me up. One of my earliest upgrades.

  2. B Pauker- That is awesome! Were you invited to move up to a more prime seat?

    Nic- That definitely sounds like an interesting yet odd experience. I never pay attention to the safety demo so I guess I would’ve had to, just to be polite!

    Scott- Talk about a tale of two very different flight experiences!

    Levy Flight- Very cool!

    MJ- Fun story! I’m assuming that you were flying on a small plane?

  3. Was on a flight in New Zealand with only one other passenger years ago. The flight attendants made us sit on opposite sides of the plane “to distribute the weight evenly” for takeoff and landing. After the safety demonstration which he gave from the very front of the plane, the flight attendant came to our seats and said “now, ladies, where are the emergency exits?”

  4. Late 80’s – Delta 727. CVG – SDF. Short flight, I was the only passenger. It was weird and wonderful at the same time. Flew back the next day, not an empty seat.

  5. Yes. A few years ago i took the red eye to DTW on my way to TOL. Very early flight (back when DL flew toTOL). I was the only person on the flight. The cabin steward was going to make some coffee just for me. I said to give me a coke instead. No reason to make a whole pot for me. It was strange to have her go through the entire safety demonstration just for me!

  6. Flew on AA from SNA-LAX years ago. Sat in the last row. A couple with an infant lap child were the only passengers. Flight attendant said that drinks weren’t normally served on that short flight but that she’d be happy to make an exception due to the light load. That was as close as I’ve had to a private jet experience.

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