Nutty Former Korean Air VP Apologizes

Korean Air
Screen capture: Reuters video

Possibly the biggest airline-related story of the past week had a lot to do with (of all things) nuts. Macadamia nuts to be precise.

I first wrote about the story in the post, This Korean Air VP Has Gotta Be NUTS.

Here are a few details to make a long story short- Korean Air VP Heather Cho (daughter of the airline’s chairman) caused a flight to be delayed during takeoff due to macadamia nuts being served incorrectly. The plane returned to the gate and the VP had the chief flight attendant kicked off the flight… After news broke about the story and due to public outcry, Korean Air’s Nutty VP Resigned.

A week after doing possibly the nuttiest thing of her life, Heather Cho while bowing her head in shame, made a public apology. She also plans to apologize to the cabin crew chief that was kicked off the now famous flight due to macadamia nuts being served incorrectly.

a group of people outside a building
screen capture: Reuters video

According to Yahoo News, “Cho arrived at the transportation ministry office where she was expected to answer questions about the incident“.

Cho’s father, Cho Yang-ho the chairman of Korean Air, earlier in the day said “his daughter was being removed from all posts at affiliate companies“.

Here is another quote from his apology: “apologize to the people of this country as chairman of Korean Air and as a father for the trouble caused by my daughter’s foolish conduct,” said Cho, who bowed deeply in front of media crowded in the lobby of the airline’s headquarters“.

On a positive note, the Yahoo article also mentioned that local sales of macadamia nuts surged this week.

Find out more about the story here.

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