This Korean Air VP Has Gotta Be NUTS

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This has got to be one of the nuttier stories that I’ve read about in quite some time…

Flying can be quite stressful for the casual flier and nobody wants to experience a flight delay, especially for something as ridiculous as nuts being served incorrectly.

Yes you’ve heard that right.A Korean Air flight from Seoul heading to New York  departing New York for Seoul had to return to the gate as it was taxiing to the runway. The cause of the plane’s return was due to macadamia nuts being served incorrectly to a Korean Air vice president. (The VP also happens to be the CEO’s daughter.)

Oh the horror. Nuts being served incorrectly.

According to Yahoo Travel, the VP “reportedly got upset because she was served pre-flight macadamia nuts without being asked. Then she really got upset when the nuts were served in a packet instead of a bowl. Cho blamed the chief flight attendant for the grave lapse in nut-serving procedure and had the person booted off the plane“.

The flight ended up leaving for New York 11 minutes later.

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image: Getty from Yahoo article

The nutty decision to delay a plane with 250 passengers on board is getting bad press around South Korea for the VP Heather Cho (on right in photo above). However, the airline is backing her. The article stated that Cho lost confidence in the flight attendant’s ability to ensure the safety of the passengers. The pilot of the plane also agreed with the decision.

I don’t know. If the plane was filled with passengers that had nut allergies I’d agree but this is just ridiculous.

This Korean Air VP should be embarrassed at what she did.

Find out more about the story from Yahoo here.

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