So I Booked A Flight After JetBlue Apocalypse

jetblue flightsA couple of weeks back I wrote of big changes coming to JetBlue in 2015.

The title of my post- JetBlue To Charge For Terra Blues Chips wasn’t what I’d call a serious one. I used it symbolically to highlight the impending changes and destruction of the things that made the airline stand out.

You can also check out a follow-up in which JetBlue Responds To My Terra Blues Post.

Just a few days after writing of the changes (the Apocalypse?), who would’ve guessed that I’d be booking a flight with the airline! Let alone, one that I actually paid for.

I’ve been wanting to visit Charleston, South Carolina for a few years now. I’ve tried to get a flight with Southwest on many occasions over the past 2.5- 3 years but there never seemed to be availability for the dates we needed. I also wasn’t about to spend 25,000 miles from another program to fly there.

JetBlue offered a 20% off promo-code which was good for a couple of days 2-3 weeks ago. I did a search for a few dates for Charleston and came up with a very fair price of $118 round trip. The problem was that the dates weren’t any good for Kim’s schedule…

Fast forward to just five days later and a couple of days after the announced changes for JB. I came across a tweet from The Flight Deal.

JetBlue FlightsI read a bit more into this deal and was happy to see it available for dates later into the year than what I had found a few days before. However, I wondered if the new baggage fees would be in effect for the dates I’d want to book.

I priced a weekend in March and found availability at $116.20 round trip per person.

Definitely a solid price..

Before deciding on booking I had to be sure that we wouldn’t have to pay to check a bag if we decided to do so. I clicked the baggage fees link on the reservation page which led me to a page stating that the first checked bag was free!

We went ahead and booked our flight and will be heading to Charleston for a few days in March!

I’m guessing this will be our last JetBlue flight where our bags fly free…

2 thoughts on “So I Booked A Flight After JetBlue Apocalypse

  1. Tom- I’m glad that you got the hyperbole of my recent JetBlue posts! Thanks for the comment. You make some very good points about JB. I am a very infrequent JB flyer but many of us felt that the changes to come in many ways go against what the airline has prided themselves on for (I believe) their whole existance.

  2. I am bothered by the hyperbole in your original post, and even in this one. jetBlue has a solid product, better than its competitors in economy…even with the new seat pitch, and deserves to make money. This is not at all the same thing as what DL has done to skymiles, what UA has done to their entire product, or even what AA is doing to AAdvantage (loss of Explorer awards and apparently having eliminating off premium cabin redemptions to Europe.) jetBlue’s changes are well-reasoned and I think respectful, especially in comparison to the rest of the US industry.

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