Update: Is Venice Really Banning Wheeled Luggage?

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Yesterday I wrote about a crazy new law which is supposed to go into effect in Venice in May of 2015. (You can check out my post here.)

With this new law, tourists would be banned from using wheeled luggage to help combat noise pollution and damage to the streets & bridges.

I could kind of see the logic behind the ban. Forget about the noise. I understand that if the old streets and bridges are so fragile, they should be protected. However, why is it OK for locals to use wheeled luggage? (At least that is what the original article that I read had said.)

I’ve been wondering if this possible wheeled luggage ban was for another reason. Maybe the Venice City Council see this as a way to reduce the amount of tourists visiting the city. I’d imagine a wheeled luggage free Venice would make the area much less appealing to those not in physically good shape to carry their bags. Could the real wear and tear be from the visitors themself, not their actual luggage?

Well, according to the L.A. Times, all of this talk about a wheeled luggage ban in Venice is just not true.

The L.A. Times says “City Commissioner Vittorio Zappalorto on Friday denied numerous news reports that announced wheelies were no longer welcome in the all-pedestrian floating city”.

In the article, a spokeswoman for the Italian National Tourist Board mentioned that the ban was really for carts used for carrying goods and merchandise in Venice, not wheeled luggage.

If this new information is true then I feel really bad for all of the delivery men in Venice. It’s going to be a real pain to deliver goods so maybe now they could just start using really large, wheeled luggage!

Find out more about the story, including “other protective measures Venice has taken this year” here.

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