Reminder: Register Amex Cards For Small Biz Saturday

American Express Small Business Saturday Registration

I just wanted to remind everyone to register their American Express Cards for the upcoming Small Business Saturday.

Doing so will get you $30 for free to spend at small businesses per card. Each card is actually allowed three $10 statement credits.

Spending your free money will take a little more work. You’ll either have to ask each store to break up your bill in $10 increments or spend your money in a bunch of different stores.

In years past we had no problem having stores use multiple Amex cards to make purchases. This was the way we bought Lucas’ first car seat for an amazing price!

If you have multiple cards, make sure to register all of them. Only corporate cards and pre-paid cards will not count (other than BlueBird and Serve).

In my previous post about SBS I mentioned having only 3 Amex cards this year. However, after digging around a bit more, I found a Citi American Airlines Amex card that I couldn’t find last week! This means I’ll have $120 of free money to spend on Saturday!

If you haven’t done so already, check out my post about Small Business Saturday here to find out more about the day. The post also includes a link where you can register all of your American Express cards.

I hope that you’ll have as much fun as I know we will using our SBS credits!

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