The Worst Biz Class Amenity Kit Ever

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At the end of the summer, Kim, Lucas and I flew home from our trip back to the Balkans in business class on Finnair.

We  typically fly in economy class so we can stretch our miles and go on more trips. However, award space home from Sofia was only available in biz so we decided to take what we could get to make the trip a reality.

After looking up Finnair’s business class I didn’t expect an amazing experience (it wasn’t) but it was definitely more comfortable than coach and a nice way to end our trip.

When flying in a premium cabin I always look forward to checking out the amenity kit. I find it fun how they vary in design along with what’s inside, although the products inside aren’t really so important to me.

amenity kit

When we got to our seats, I spotted what looked to be the worst business class amenity kit ever.

Instead of packing the items in a nice little bag, Finnair went the environmental route and including the items in a paper envelope.

Here is what is written on Finnair’s personal comfort kit, “Finnair is taking its responsibility concerning environmental issues very seriously. In order to  avoid unnecessary waste and unused items left behind we offer you a broader selection of additional amenities upon request“.

This sounds nice on the surface but I still felt it was pretty lame to just give out a paper envelope as the amenity kit. I know that Kim and I reuse our amenity kit bags and I’d be willing to bet that many of you do too!

The amenity kit included just three items inside.

Here is what was included:

amenity kit1. Travel Eye Mask:

amenity kit

I can’t say that I ever use these unless I want to wear it when joking around with Lucas. This mask was actually pretty nice. I like the design on the front and the back feels like a micro-fiber material. (Maybe it would be good to clean my computer screen!) Another nice feature was the adjustable velcro closure on the strap.

2. Socks:
amenity kit

A pleasing grey color which feel soft enough and pretty much like any other pair of socks in an amenity kit. There isn’t much more to say about them. I mean they’re airplane socks…

3. Earplugs:amenity kit

The earplugs come wrapped in a similar paper to the kit. If you look at it quickly and don’t read what’s inside, it might get mistaken for a teabag. I never use earplugs so I can’t comment if these are good or not. Sorry…

Other items available in the lavatory:

amenity kit

According to the back of the amenity kit, a variety of items are available upon request. Items mentioned are- toothbrush, shaving kit,  moisturizer lotion,  lip balm,  mini deodorant,  vanity kit and sewing kit.

I wasn’t going to bother asking for any extra amenities but a few were provided in the bathroom. I brushed my teeth a couple of times with the provided toothbrush and also took one of the lip balms since its always good to have extras when flying. Otherwise I saw one mini-deodorant and a lotion of some sort.

I guess what it comes down to is the disappointment in the packaging. Besides not having most of the items included in the kit, most of them were available if you asked.

I find amenity kits to be a nice, functional and reusable souvenir when flying in premium cabins. If Finnair would’ve provided some sort of bag or pouch, I probably would’ve had little to complain about!

What are your take on amenity kits? Are they bad for the environment or a nice token item to receive when flying upfront?

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3 thoughts on “The Worst Biz Class Amenity Kit Ever

  1. augias- Like I stated in the post, the lack of a reusable bag. Otherwise, there really wasn’t much complaint. For me (and I am guessing many others) what stands out most with amenity kits is the bag.

    Would you not consider this a pretty bad amenity kit?

  2. what are you complaining about? Anything you want, they’ll still give to you if you ask — and most people don’t use half the stuff in the amenity kits! I don’t use the lotions for example. You apparently don’t use the eye-mask & ear plugs (the most important things in the kit for me actually). What a waste to hand all these kits out for them to be thrown away! I throw most of them away afterwards unless the case/bag is unusually beautiful, since I have so many at home already.

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