Plane Turns Around- Child Illegally Taken Out of Country

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A United Airlines flight bound for Beijing had to turn around and head back to D.C. after the FBI got involved. The FBI requested that it return due to a child custody investigation.

After taking off around noon the flight returned to DC at 5pm and didn’t take off again until 7:47pm. (I definitely feel bad for the other passengers onboard.) 

When the flight landed in DC the mother was taken into custody and is expected to appear in federal court today. The child’s grandmother was also flying with them. According to ABC, “she was removed from the flight but not detained”.

“The child was then reunited with its father”.

Obviously this story is missing a lot of details. I am curious to find out how old the child is. I wonder if the child had any issues going with mom and grandma to China, leaving the father behind. Or maybe the kid didn’t know anything was wrong?

Find out more about the story from ABC News here.

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