JetBlue’s New & Improved Way to Serve You

jetblue logoIn my opinion, one of the best parts of flying with JetBlue isn’t the free DirecTV. What I’ve enjoyed from the airline the few times I’ve flown with them has been their complimentary snack offerings.

While on a JetBlue flight I find it appropriate to eat a tasty snack like Terra Blues Potato Chips. The last time we flew JetBlue Lucas most enjoyed the PopCorners Pop Chips.

But what’s an airline to do when they don’t use beverage/ food carts?

Since I’ve only flown on JetBlue a handful of times, I recall the last time the came down the aisle holding the snack offerings in a wicker basket.

According to an article that I came across on the airline’s blog BlueTales, JetBlue has “decided to take a look at that basket and see if we could do something better with a refresh of its own!”

a flight attendant serving a woman

JetBlue has come up with new “snack and drink carriers”.

The airline’s new snack “tool” has been named the pivot basket. The basket holds more snacks that the previous option and the “the flexibility feature makes it easy to use for the crew members onboard”.

a blue pan with handles
Pivot Basket image from jetblue video

As for a better way to distribute drinks, leave that to the Halo Tray which has “more capacity to serve more rows in a quicker fashion”.

a purple muffin tray with holes
Halo Tray image from jetblue video

These new inflight service items should be debuting this fall.

What do you think, will the Pivot Basket and Halo Tray help improve  and speed up the service time for snacks and drinks during JetBlue flights?

Find out more about these important “service tools” here.

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