3,500 Bonus FlexPoints For $750 Spend

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I came across a generous bonus offer for my US Bank FlexPerks card buried in an e-mail from the bank.

While skimming over the offers I saw a bonus offer to “Earn A Fast 3,500 Bonus FlexPoints For Using Your Card“.  To earn the bonus, all you have to do is put a minimal amount of spend on the card.

From September 1 to October 31, 2014 for spending $750 on my FlexPerks card, I will earn 3,500 bonus FlexPoints. This comes out to a little less than a bonus of 5x points per $1 spent!

  • FlexPoints are earned on net purchases as of September 1
  • Bonus points will post within 8-10 weeks

I’m trying to get to the next FlexPerks flight award level so these bonus points could get me almost half way there. Since I’m not really working on minimum spends for new cards, I’ll definitely be taking advantage of this offer.

Find out if you qualify for this promo with your FlexPerks card at the FlexPerks Visa PromoSite here.

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I almost forgot- as of September 1 there are no foreign transaction fees when using your FlexPerks card. This adds another credit card option to use when traveling out of the country.

6 thoughts on “3,500 Bonus FlexPoints For $750 Spend

  1. FYI. My 3,500 offer requires a $1,500 spend.

    If the 3,500 doesn’t really help you towards a reward level you can use it to cover the annual fee.

    1. Carl- Thanks for letting me know! I didn’t realize that the offers varied so much with FlexPerks. I thought about using it towards the fee- definitely an idea…

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