I Won A $500 Expedia Voucher!

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My Twitter luck has struck once again and this is probably my biggest win yet!

Back in May I participated in a Club Carlson promotion called #HashtagHotel on Twitter and won 10,000 Gold Points. I’ve also found Twitter extremely useful for dealing with various customer service issues with airlines and hotels.

The value of Twitter has been pretty noticeable ever since I started using it.

Another interesting and fun thing that I take part in from time to time are Twitter Chats.

Twitter Chats can focus on just any topic or interest. When it comes to these chats, I stick to those that have to do with travel.

Expedia sponsors a weekly chat every week aptly named Expediachat.

The chat takes place every Wednesday from 1:30pm EST until 3:00 pm EST. It is hosted by Spencer Spellman who blogs over at The Traveling Philosopher and is Editor in Chief of Expedia’s Viewfinder blog. A prize is awarded to one participant from each week’s chat.

To participate you have to follow @expedia and answer questions asked by the host using hashtag #expediachat.

I’ve only participated in Expediachat a handful of times due to the time of the chat. I’m pretty much always working during those hours so it rarely works out. However, a couple of weeks back I was off and happened to come across the chat so I decided to participate.

The chat was a fun topic on an area that I’ve visited a bunch of times, South America. The featured destination was Peru.

Since I’ve been to Brazil, Chile (including Easter Island & Patagonia), Colombia and Peru, I had a lot to talk about and add to the conversation.

After the chat, I didn’t really think much more about it besides mentioning to Kim that we need to go to South American again since it’s been a while and Lucas has not been there yet.

A little over a week later I received an e-mail & tweet from Expedia with some amazing news!

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Wow! I won a $500 Expedia voucher in the Twitter chat! Talk about some incredible news to receive while in the middle of our trip back to the Balkans!

According to what I read, a winner is selected randomly from those that participated so it looks like luck was on my side.

Do you participate in Twitter chats? If so which ones? Have you ever won a prize through one of these chats?

Once I receive my Expedia voucher I’ll have a big problem- deciding where to go and use it!

Find out more about Expediachat here.

5 thoughts on “I Won A $500 Expedia Voucher!

  1. Hi there! Just a question. I got a notification via twitter DM several days ago that I had won a gift card via the Expedia Chat and that of be emailed. Still no contact from them though. Any idea how long this process takes?

  2. Philatravelgirl- Thank you! The chats really are fun and it sounds like you’ve done very well yourself winning some nice prizes.

    Spencer- No problem at all! Thanks for hosting such interesting chats. Once we get back from our current trip I’ll be looking into how I can use the voucher. I think I have some ideas!

  3. Congrats! I was on that chat that day as well. Yes, I’ve won in many twitter chats, retweet contests and photo contest from Expedia. Twitter chats are great to meet others with similar interests around the world and have fun talking travel. I’ve won 40k IHG (did a JNB P&C), 2 nights in SYD with Pullman Accor, HyattPlace stay, $50 giftcards from CruiseChat and a few other travel related items.

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