Airbnb Teams Up With Ikea To Offer In-Store Stay

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I’ve been a fan of Airbnb for quite some time now. During our first stay using Airbnb we had an awesome experience in Singapore. However, when they released a new logo back in July I wondered what was up.

I recently (jokingly) wrote that you can forget Airbnb, celebrity homes you can rent. The funny thing was that many of the celeb homes were actually available for rent through the site.

Now Airbnb has teamed up with a new partner to offer a very interesting (or maybe many would call it a strange) place to stay.

Ever shopped at Ikea and thought it would be a good idea to relax or maybe even take a nap in one of their display homes?

I can’t say that I have but I’ve definitely seen some people getting a bit to comfy and catching some shut-eye on rare occasion at Ikea.

According to an article from Curbed, one Ikea location in a suburb of Sydney will be opening up three of its showrooms to overnight guests for around $10.

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Getting the opportunity to spend a night in Ikea will be given away in an offer through Airbnb. The three showrooms available are themed as Modern Elegance, Inner City Living and Rustic Charm.

To win the right to an overnight stay at Ikea (it’s for one night only), you’ll have to tell them why you would like the chance in 25 words or less why you should win the sweepstakes.

The winners will be part of an event covered by media.

Would you like to spend a night at an Ikea? I think it would be a pretty unique and interesting place to stay for a night. I just wonder if breakfast will be those little Swedish meatballs!

Find out more in the article from Curbed here.

You can also check out the Airbnb Ikea offer page here.

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