What The State You Live In Says About You

The good folks over at Buzzfeed had a conversation about the states and shared their thoughts, (some of them funny, some true, some way off) on What The State You Live In Says About You.

I scrolled right down to find New York and had a good laugh.

Here are my thoughts on a couple:

  • Everyone who lives in New York thinks the place where they live is the best part of New York“. While I do think that Brooklyn is the best part of NY, I don’t think my neighborhood is.
  • People actually from New York always make it a point to tell you they were born and raised there“. Agreed!

Some favorites about other states:

  • “As far as I’m concerned, it should be called Chicago instead of Illinois.”
  • Kansas is just one long dirt road.”
  • “I will never be able to pronounce ‘Louisville.’
  • Louisiana is basically New Orleans and swamps.”
  • “Everyone knows someone who went to college in Michigan.”
  • “There are more mustaches in Nevada than in any other state.”
  • “People in New Jersey get super angry when you say bad things about New Jersey.”
  • South Dakota does not exist.”

Find out what Buzzfeed has to say about your state HERE.

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