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Everyone seems to have their opinion when it comes to packing.

Rolling or folding your clothes, carry-on or checking your bags, wheeled luggage or a backpack. These are some of the choices you need to make when packing for a trip whether it’s for business or pleasure.

For me, I tend to roll my clothes, check my bag and travel with a backpack. The rare times that I’ve traveled without Kim, I’ve brought a carry-on.

I recently came across an article sharing Top Packing Tips from Fodor’s Readers. These tips aren’t really about how to pack. They are more about things to do or bring to help make packing easier.

Here are some of my favorites:

  1. Moisture wicking socks are a godsend! 
  2. Put your name, destination(s), and contact info inside your checked bag, in case your luggage tag comes off.
  3. Pack a small amount of duct tape! I’ve had a use for it on almost every trip—a fix for torn pants or a broken strap on a bag, as an ankle brace, as a makeshift compression tool, as a sturdier bandaid.
  4. If you can’t lift and carry your luggage three blocks by yourself, it’s too big/heavy
  5. When I was in Florida, I mailed home a box of dirty clothes. Cost about $23, but it solved doing laundry at all and I had room for souvenirs and new clothes!

From Fodor’s reader tips I don’t see adding any of them to my packing routine. However, I already do (or have done) a few of them.

  • Moisture wicking socks can be a great thing although they can be a bit pricey. I wear them when I go running and when traveling. Two of the best brands are Icebreaker and Smartwool.
  • I used to place a card inside my luggage with my contact info on it but stopped doing so years back.
  • I usually bring a small roll of duct tape with me and have used it to patch holes in the bag my backpack goes into and have also temporarily fixed my daypack with it when one of the shoulder straps ripped.

Here are a few of my tips:

  • Pack a small Swiss Army knife. (In your checked bag, of course.) This always seems to come in handy for a variety of uses.
  • When packing footwear, I always place them in bags so they won’t be touching my clothes. If you don’t have a bag, place the bottoms facing up so they are off your clothes.
  • Bring extra empty plastic bags (or save the ones you get while away) to place dirty clothes into.
  • If traveling with a baby/ toddler and using a backpack, the water bottle side-pockets are a great place to pack diapers.
  • If you plan on checking a large backpack place it in an Osprey Airporter LZ Duffle (Takeoff Black, Medium) (or something similar) to prevent straps from getting caught in things.
  • To keep small  clothing/items organized (especially for baby clothes) consider using the Hoboroll.

Find out about all of the top tips from Fodor’s readers HERE.

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