That’s Fast, 3rd Citi AA Exec Card Arrives

Fancy Packaging

In the middle of last week there was news circulating that the amazing Citi AA Executive card 100,000 mile signup bonus was coming to an end. I had planned on applying when I heard the offer would be ending but totally forgot. When I tried applying around 12:30 AM, the page showed an error message.

Later that day I came across a link from Dan’s Deals saying that the Citi Exec offer was not gone. I decided to take a chance and apply for the card even thought the application page did not state what offer I was applying for.

After getting approved and confirming the offer did indeed still exist I wrote, Confirmed Citi Exec AA 100,000 Mile Offer Still Working.

The New Card

After getting approved I was told that it would take around 7-10 days to receive my new card. However, I hoped (like my second card did) that it would come sooner.

It turns out that Citi wasted no time getting me the card.

Here is a timeline of how long it took to arrive:

  • June 25– Applied for the card
  • June 27– Received the new account approval letter which mentioned my credit limit and bonus offer of 100,000 AAdvantage miles.
  • June 28– My new card gets delivered!

Citibank seems to be in a rush to get these cards into our hands! The first time I applied, it took over a week to receive my card. With my second and third cards, I applied and was using the card within 4 days!

Now it’s time to fulfill the $10,000 spend to earn another easy 100,000 AAdvantage miles!

Have you taken AAdvantage of the Citi Exec 100,000 mile offer? If so, how many cards have you received.

8 thoughts on “That’s Fast, 3rd Citi AA Exec Card Arrives

  1. On all of my Executive cards they have overnighted the approval letter via FedEx and the box with the card via UPS. Both arrive the same day. Such a waste of money, but it is Citi who doesn’t seem to worry about such things!

    This post reminds me that I should be looking for my card today!

  2. Ok, I applied for a 2nd card. Without easy MS options (other than Amazon), I will have trouble meeting the 10k in 3 months. Has anyone bought something expensive (e.g. a refundable International biz class ticket for 6 months out) in order to meet the spending requirement, and then used the extra 3 months to hit the 10k so that they could then return the ticket and still be at more than 10k? I realize that there is float I’m losing, but it’s cheaper than other options.

  3. I got my 1st one this past weekend. AND the Miles and More card was approved last Friday so I’m hesitant on applying for a 2nd Citi card. I’m going to see how much MS I can get done over the next few days before I look at applying for the 2nd card.

    All that extra postage/shipping and packaging from Citi – geeze!

  4. Al- Interesting. Good luck to him. 🙂

    SonomaWine- Go for it!

    Shawn- I also had the letter within 2 days on all of my cards & my wife’s. However, for my first card, I did not receive the fancy packaging and I waited (from what I recall) close to 2 weeks. Isn’t it crazy how much $ Citi is wasting with packaging and shipping!

    HC- I haven’t tried buying a refundable ticket but I suppose that could work. (Not something I hink I would do though.)

    FlyingCajun- That would be a ton of spend you’d need to take care of in the next few months! Citi has been wasting a ton of $ on packaging & shipping!

    Will- Awesome! Enjoy the miles.

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