Contributor Ridiculous Street Signs #10: Humped Zebra Crossing- Liverpool

a couple of zebras standing in a field
Etosha N.P.- Namibia

A few days back I wrote about Funny Signs You’d Only See In Britain from Buzzfeed.

Buzzfeed’s story includes 41 signs of which I decided to share 6 of them in my post. At the end of my post, I mentioned that I was looking for contributor photos of ridiculous street signs.

The following day I was happy to receive an e-mail from reader Michael M:

“Just got back from England and found this walking around Liverpool. Enjoy”

Here is the photo that was included in the e-mail:

Zebra Crossing

I really wasn’t sure what a Humped Zebra Crossing was but thought it might be a speedbump. I wasn’t 100% certain until I looked at the photo a little more closely. Further down the road (in the photo) I could see a black speedbump with some white shapes on it.

Just to be sure, I decided to google the term. Here is what I came up with.

From Urban Dictionary: A term used in the UK for a giant speed bump with a striped crosswalk on top of it. 

I decided to ask Michael M. a few questions about the photo.

  1. When did you spot the sign? Last week (June 09), while visiting England.
  2. Where in Liverpool is it located? Albert Dock,  A famous waterfront area with restaurants, museums, and stores.  We (wife and I) were walking along the outside, window shopping, heading towards the big Ferris wheel.
  3. What was your reaction/ thoughts when you saw it?  “Must get a picture” Figure it was a warning for a speed bump and pedestrian crossing ahead.
  4. Do funny signs usually catch your eye? Absolutely, I have an eye for detail.  (I’ll send you a couple more I captured that you may enjoy).
  5. Is there anything else of importance that you’d like to share? Not much – love your blog.

I want to thank Michael M. for reaching out and contributing this sign (as well as for the kind words about my blog!) to share with us. Michael sent me some more signs to check out, a couple of which I plan to feature in future posts!

Its always fun to hear from other travelers that enjoy doing similar things while traveling, whether it be signs, strange museums or jumping at famous sites!

Check out more of my Ridiculous Street Signs HERE. (The page is due for a big update which will be coming soon.)

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3 thoughts on “Contributor Ridiculous Street Signs #10: Humped Zebra Crossing- Liverpool

  1. Saw this sign when I visited Liverpool Albert Docs (Was it uncle Albert or Admiral Halsey who gave the docks its name?). Thought this sign was a regular English sign, and as a proffessional driving instructor from Norway, I found it very interesting. Now I know I was fooled again.

  2. Re the discount sign for the misspelling of “Bird”: not British, the item is priced with a dollar sign.

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