18 Hidden Gems Around the World You Need To Visit

When visting a new place I always try to find and visit sites which are a bit off the beaten path. To help with finding such sites I search around online and also like to check sites like the travel forum Virtual Tourist.

Here are a few interesting/ odd sites that I’ve visited which come to mind:

Buzzfeed recently had a post with 18 Hidden Gems Around The World That You Need To Visit. While looking over the list I had only heard of (and been to) one of these sites. And, it happens to be in my hometown of Brooklyn.

I don’t think of the Brooklyn Promenade as a hidden gem but I guess for tourists it could be. It’s definitely worth visiting when the weather is nice and you’ll be rewarded with amazing views of NYC.

From Buzzfeed’s list I found a bunch of sites that I’d love to check out in the future. Here are a few that interest me.

Have you been to any “hidden gems” at home or while traveling? If so, please share with us!

Find out about all of Buzzfeed’s Hidden Gems in the full article HERE.

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