Your Recent AAdvantage Award Redemption…


The day before heading off on our current trip to Milan and Malta I was busy booking a flight for one of our other trips. This particular trip will take place towards the end of the summer.

Over the years I’ve booked many flights with AAdvantage miles. The most recent one was for a trip in late June 2013 to Japan. After booking each of our award flights, I remember getting a confirmation e-mail relatively fast.

For my most recent booking it was a little different.

I had to book the award over the phone since one destination for our trip was not available at I called in a couple of days earlier and had our flights on hold. I then called the morning we were leaving for our trip to book the reservation.

The process was quick as usual and I was told that a confirmation e-mail would be sent soon after. I checked my e-mail a few times before heading to the airport and did not receive any confirmation. I then checked my phone a bunch of times at the airport and still had no confirmation e-mail. When we arrived in Milan around a day or so later, there still wasn’t any message! Then, finally later in the evening the message arrived and we were confirmed for our flight.

Around 2 days later I received another e-mail from AA with the subject:

  • Your recent AAdvantage award redemption

When I saw the subject, I hoped that there wasn’t a problem with our booking.

It turned out that American Airlines just wanted to confirm that the miles were deducted from my account. The message also said that if by any chance I did not authorize the miles to be deducted, I should contact AAdvantage Customer Service.

In all of the years I’ve booked AAdvantage awards, I’ve never received this kind of message. I do think it is great that they are following up with bookings to stop any fraud from taking place. However, it did get me worried for a minute that there was some sort of issue.

Has anyone else received this kind of message from American Airlines recently?

4 thoughts on “Your Recent AAdvantage Award Redemption…

  1. I had the same experience last week. It took 3 days for me to receive a confirmation email that my trip was ticketed. I also received a separate email confirming that the miles were deducted from my account. I thought it was because I used almost 245k miles but I guess not. I agree that it’s a positive thing in light of the impending devaluations in the program.

  2. John- Guess since last year’s booking things have changed!

    James- Thanks for pointing out the typo. I will have some words with my editor tomorrow! 🙂

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