SOS In The Sand Helps Save 5 Snorkelers

a small island in the water
image from Yahoo-ABC News article

When I first saw the headline for this story- “Giant SOS Message Saves Marooned Snorkelers” I thought about Tom Hanks in Castaway and the television show Survivor.

A group of 5 snorkeling near the Whitsunday Islands in Australia were left stranded on a rocky island without food, water or cellphones after their anchored boat drifted away.

They got creative and decided to write a giant SOS on a sandbar hoping it would be spotted and help to get them rescued.

Lucky for them another boat saw their drifting boat and alerted authorities. A rescue helicopter was sent out to look for them and luckily came across the giant SOS.

Find out more and check out a video about the rescue HERE.

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