Fill Your Plink Slot With Office Depot

With Plink’s Staples offer expiring, most of you should now have an open wallet slot and can now add another offer.

The truth is, with Plink typically having few desirable offers available, I’ve always seemed to have had a couple of empty slots.

To replace office supply earnings, Plink has added Office Depot to the mix. The problem is that Staples seem to be everywhere (at least in NYC) while Office Depots are quite a bit harder to find. In fact they don’t even have a location in Brooklyn.

Due to the merger with Office Max back in November, I was hoping they might be included with Office Depot as a store to also earn points at. I contacted Plink to find out and was told that Office Max was not part of the offer. Oh well, there goes that bright idea!

Here is the offer currently available with Office Depot:

So if you have an Office Depot nearby, you can still earn your Plink credit at the same levels as the previous Staples offer.

While it was nice earning money back in the form of gift cards from Plink, I still plan to purchase my Amazon, Whole Foods, Gas Station and Visa gift cards from Staples. I won’t be hunting down Office Depot’s for the small credit.

Due to the loss of Staples, I see pretty much no value in Plink, at least in a local sense. Are you still finding value in earning Plink credit?

For those of you that aren’t Plink members, sign up using my link and earn 300 bonus points.

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