European Town Available For FREE

a stone town on a hill

How would you like to own your own town for free?

I think that it would be really cool! Just imagine inviting friends and family over.

MW: Hey, I’m having a little get together. Why don’t you stop by?
Friend: Where at, your home?
MW: My home, HA! Come stop by my town!

That could be you and for the bargain basement price of $0… If you’re willing to move to a rural area in Spain.

According to Thrillist, due to Spain’s recent economic difficulties, many property owners in the country’s rural areas have decided to pack up and leave town.

One “ramshackle hamlet near the Portuguese border” is being given away to someone with an adequate plan for its revival.

a stone building with moss growing on the ground
image credit: aldeasabandonadas

I checked out the listing for fun and the property includes 12 houses of which 4 are under more height. I’m guessing this means that 4 of the homes are buried?  Based on the photos the buildings still standing above ground look to be in pretty awful condition.

The village currently belongs to the city council and they hope the rehabilitation of the property will create a new tourism and leisure development.

a green field with buildings and a body of water
image credit: aldeasabandonadas

There are also several thousand other villages available for purchase. One mentioned in the article includes 4 houses (all in various states of disrepair) and is going for around $317K, about the price of a 2 bedroom condo in Massachusetts.

Find out more in the Thrillist article HERE.

2 thoughts on “European Town Available For FREE

  1. The “hay 12 viviendas de las cuales 4 tienen bajo mas una altura” means that 4 of the 12 have 2 levels (ground floor plus an additional level).

    1. Thanks for the translation! I saw a photo of a stone structure that looked to be buried and assumed it meannt that 4 of them were now underground! 🙂

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